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Turn to us for high quality wooden furnishings made to match your requirements.Chamberlain JoineryManufacturers in Birmingham create a huge variety of bespoke timber products to match every need. All of our products come with a five-year guarantee, so you're sure to get an outstanding fixture that's built to last. Our products include:

window frame

A wooden window frame provides an elegant addition to a room. Wood is more durable than some other types of material and acts as an environmentally friendly alternative. Our choice of timber and made to measure designs ensures the perfect fit for your interior. All of our windows come with a five-year guarantee.


Wood acts as a good natural insulator and can be painted or stained to suit any décor. We provide bespoke doors in a range of designs and our high quality timber guarantees a long life. All of our doors come with a five-year guarantee.

garage doors

Using wood for a garage door can add a contemporary feel to any home, increasing its value and updating the exterior of your house. We offer doors in a variety of timbers, to allow you plenty of choice. All of our garage doors come with a five-year guarantee.

 Timber Staircase

We manufacture staircases in a range of different designs and timbers to suit any interior and also repair and update existing staircases. A wooden staircase can also be painted or stained to match your décor and is a practical addition to any home. All of our staircases come with a five-year guarantee.

A wooden conservatory can provide a classic and stylish addition to your home. An environmentally friendly and energy efficient alternative; our range of designs allows you to design a conservatory to meet your requirements. All of our conservatories come with a five-year guarantee.

Radiator covers

A wooden radiator cover is ideal for concealing an unsightly radiator and can be painted to match the interior of a room. A wooden cover is also easy to clean and reduces energy costs by making the radiator more efficient. All of our radiator covers come with a five-year guarantee.

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