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Relax and enjoy your garden area all year round, whatever the weather. Chamberlain Joinery & Manufacturers creates beautiful wooden conservatories complete with 5-year guarantees. Contact our joiners in Birmingham today for a FREE quotation.

Benefits of Timber Conservatories

While your conservatory could be made from a variety of materials including uPVC or aluminium, timber is an excellent choice. Below, Chamberlain Joinery takes you through a comparison of materials, with wood winning out in three areas:

  • Long term savings
  • Lifespan and treatment
  • Aesthetic appeal

Save Money with Timber

Wood can be machined to suit any design requirements and is competitive with aluminium on price. uPVC appears cheaper initially, but over several decades timber comes into its own.

You can repaint and repair wood fittings, while uPVC units become brittle and are easily discoloured by UV light exposure. Typically, plastic units need replaced after about 25 years maximum, while hardwood frames will last 50 years or more with the right maintenance.

Classic Elegance of Wood

Savour the classic beauty of wood fixtures with a wooden conservatory from Chamberlain Joinery & Manufacturers. Humans have been using wood in building for thousands of years, and with good reason too.

You’ll find that timber has a more elegant and organic appearance, as well as better strength and more design flexibility than modern alternatives. Plus, with a range of stains and paint options available for your finish, you have an incredible choice for the finished look of your conservatory.

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